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Top Uses for Technology at Law Firms

The legal industry has historically been hesitant to use new technology in large part due to restrictions on the exchange of client data, and in small part, because the legal industry in some ways hasn’t modernized. However, very recently there has been a shift as more firms are accepting new technology as a way to improve upon productivity and reach an expanding client base in a time where most clients are accessible online.

Productivity Tools

Productivity technology is now being used to help firms keep track of things like how much time is spent per client and how to ensure that they can better communicate with clients. There are applications for law firms that are now being used to verify that activity spent on the computer is spent productively. These applications will monitor and track every activity that happens and then generate reports indicative of how much time was spent per day per event. When trying to better bill for client work, this can show proof of that work, and when trying to make sure that time spent on social networks is only for the sake of marketing and not just scrolling through a news feed, this can also help.

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These programs can be used to set up reminders to help avoid certain unproductive activities online, and they can also set up restrictions. Scheduling is part of that productivity and scheduling technology integrated on office computers can now help paralegals, and legal secretaries, as well as attorneys, stay connected with everyone else in the office. Collaboration and communication inside the office are imperative especially when setting up meetings for other people. These technological programs allow each member of an office to set up personalized schedules and then collaborate with everyone else in the office so that no one is unprepared for an upcoming briefing or caught off guard by a client meeting.

Online portals

Online portals are becoming more and more common. Law firms are finding secure ways to communicate with their clients throughout the process of case preparation. Previously that was incredibly difficult, but now online portals provide a password protected space where legal employees and clients alike can access documents and communicate. This can be a much more compliant way of communicating compared to phone calls or emails.

Firms that have made the switch to this type of legal practice software can have hundreds of cases open at any given time, and through that portal, all employees can access messages in a single place instead of having to handle a constant stream of phone calls or emails throughout the day. This can decrease the amount of work an attorney has to do from 14 hours per day to 11 hours per day. This doesn’t mean that people won’t still pick up the phone, but it certainly is helping to make things more convenient.

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Law Firm Marketing Technology

On the note of clients and convenience, reaching new clients today has been a bit more challenging as people don’t just visit their nearest law firm or blindly follow a word of mouth referral. They go online to check the law firm’s credibility and reputation and the law firm brand. If a firm isn’t well established on the web, it needs legal marketing. This doesn’t just mean a Yelp post or one review on a third party site. It means a comprehensive marketing strategy that shows people who are searching online that the firm is legitimate.

Comprehensive marketing strategies extend beyond a decent and up-to-date website and include things like blog posts and active social media profiles. Online marketing agencies are now being hired by firms to tackle all of this in a package deal making the online visibility for a given firm much higher and as a result, connecting the firm to more clients.

Wrapping Up

Overall today’s legal professionals are investing in technology to access new clients and gain repeat business. As firms improve the convenience of communication and make it simple to create an excellent customer service experience, clients naturally become long-term clients and generate referrals.

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Dana C. Arnett
Dana C. Arnett
CEO and Chief Operating Officer at Wicked Bionic

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