Top Uses for Technology at Law Firms
February 4, 2019
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How Law Firms Can Differentiate Themselves

As a law firm, you know how important it is to stand out beyond your competition online and off. This means taking creative steps in your organic law firm marketing to improve your reputation and reach a wider demographic of potential clients who are looking for the services your firm provides.

Integrate Storytelling into Your Profiles

Research shows that human nature revolves around storytelling, especially for decision making. People want stories more than they want facts. For that reason, it is imperative for your firm to incorporate storytelling into your profiles on sites like LinkedIn or Facebook, even the homepage of your main website. Law firms will benefit from telling a story because it makes things seem authentic to the reader and stories are more easily remembered than facts. While the law is a fact-based institution, that does not mean your site has to be.

Research in behavioral economics and psychology stipulates purchasing decisions. However, the decision to hire a firm is guided by the more primitive parts of the brain that is not accessed consciously. The prefrontal cortex explains those things we don’t understand with pictures and stories if one does not exist. So, take advantage of this and integrate storytelling into your social media profiles.

Increase Emotive Language in Marketing Content on Social Media

Make your law firm brand viable you’ll need to stand out by growing a large social media following. Social media is a powerful tool, but only if people are following your firm, seeing what you put out there and feel they are receiving value. There is nothing to be gained from starting a social profile that no one but your mother and business partner looks at. To do this, you need to use emotive language, a special type of marketing language that creates urgency. Even people in legal trouble will naturally procrastinate if they can, which is why power words create the appropriate urgency, imploring them to take action.

The images you post should include power words and emotive language that encourage action from potential clients, so long as they are truthful in conveying what it is you will offer them. Remember that even when it comes to finding an attorney, potential clients have a short attention span, so your marketing content needs to evoke fast action. Your content should engage your potential clients with top-notch diction and images.

It is a scientific fact that social media profiles or professional looking legal websites with marketing content done correctly will be perceived as an authority on the subject. You want to be that authority because it means you are more trusted by potential clients.

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Optimize Mobile Marketing

Today, 77 percent of Americans use their smartphones to access information no matter where they are. People don’t just write something down or make a note to look it up later, they now want instant access to information. So, even as a law firm it is in your best interest to capitalize upon mobile marketing by tailoring promotions to fit your users better.

Start by targeting potential clients who are in proximity to you. Hire a legal marketing agency to help you set up digital ads which have geo-targeting to locate people searching for law firms in your nearby area. You can set up these ads to target users searching for the exact services you provide. You can set the target range too, from five miles to 25 miles away.

Overall, doing these three things will help your law firm stand out from the crowd. Building a reputation in your community is helpful but building an online community will provide exponential growth opportunities.

If you’re interested in learning more about law firm marketing, we are here to help. Contact: [email protected] or 424-294-2533.

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Storytelling Image courtesy of: https://elearningindustry.com/storytelling-for-elearning-tips-strategies-examples

Dana C. Arnett
Dana C. Arnett
CEO and Chief Operating Officer at Wicked Bionic

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