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February 6, 2019

5 Ways to Get More Clients with Online Legal Marketing

Law firms tend to hesitate where new technology and marketing are concerned. As a highly professional and authoritative industry, the idea of getting involved in the world of posting pictures and making online comments might seem inappropriate. However, there are plenty of ways that law firms can attract more legal clients using today’s forms of online marketing.

1. Authoritative Blogs

Clients have legal questions. People who haven’t used your services or any other legal service often have questions they would like answered. However, they won’t accept just any answer. They want a response from an authoritative individual, a leader in the industry. Writing a blog associated with your firm or yourself, you position yourself as that leader. With a blog, you also have the opportunity to improve brand recognition for your firm. As the author, you can create a professional and authoritative tone indicative of the image you want to portray for your firm. As a busy attorney or associate, there might not be time to craft an authoritative blog and make sure that it gets posted everywhere it needs to be posted with the right links or backlinks. However, you can hire legal marketing agencies who have authors to lend a hand.

2. Guest Blogs

Tangentially, set yourself up as an authority figure in your community or in related legal fields by posting guest blogs on other legal sites, general knowledge websites or community email newsletters. Interview other firms and get questions from specialists that you can share too.

3. Social Media Channels


Social media channels are necessary – you’ve heard it a million times. You can start by setting up a social media page for your firm on platforms like Google Business. This is where you can post your blogs and link to information that is relevant to your company. With LinkedIn, you can network with other professionals in your industry and similar industries and share your expertise and knowledge. You can find people who are looking for answers, specifically looking for answers related to your specialty in your town. Similarly to blogs, if you don’t understand how these pages work or don’t have the time to keep up with them, you can always hire and agency that specializes in attorney marketing to handle it for you.

4. Reviews

Look at the reviews that people post for your firm on various platforms. With legal services, people might not disclose much information, but they could still give you a rating that’s favorable or unfavorable. It is important to know what is being said and respond accordingly. Appropriate and effective ways to manage responding or not responding should be discussed with a marketing professional.

5. Video Content

Being on the go, most users today rely upon their smartphones and tablets more heavily than they do desktops and laptops. For that reason, it is important that you don’t just post text-heavy content. You might be able to write hundreds of pages on a particular legal subject. You might be able to tell readers everything they need to know before they come to visit you for their appointment but those people who are in search of answers like this might not have the time or the ability to sit and read a long piece of content. Users could be in a place where it’s not safe to read, but they could be able to listen instead. For this reason, crafting videos to go along with any articles or blogs that you post is going to attract a higher viewership and produce additional clients.

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Dana C. Arnett
Dana C. Arnett
CEO and Chief Operating Officer at Wicked Bionic

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